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Revolution in skin treatment.



Forged from the widespread acceptance that cryotherapy is the benchmark treatment for all skin lesions.



Freezpen provides a practical and easy to use instrument, that is cost effective and treats in seconds.



Specifically designed primarily for general practitioner, dermatology and cosmetic applications, it is the optimal solution for treating warts, condyloma, hemangiomas, skin tags, keratoses and all other benign skin disorders.


A no stress treatment

A no stress treatment. Freezpen’s high precision limits damage to healthy skin, minimizing discomfort to patients.


Excellent results

Effective result achieved from first treatment, with Freezpen’s high pressure achieving deeper penetration.

Choose your specialty.

Our clients love it, and so do we. We recouped our initial invest in just 30 days!

Clinic6 understood the need for opening new ways to improve the quality of healthcare delivery through its continous dialogue with physicians to translate customer demands and market trends.

Practical Pen-design

Optimal safety, no maintenance, no side effects. Uses the direct application of nitrous oxide at -89°C. It penetrates at 1mm per 5 seconds to a maximum depth of 5mm.

Cost Effective Solution

with low priced small cryogen cartridges.

Freezpen instrument set

Freezpen instrument set with user manual and tweezers for filter placement.
Freezpen instrument set with user manual  and tweezers for filter placement.
Prepared for treatment of lesions Ø from 2-6mm.
Ref. CL-FP-00

Box of capsules

Box with 15 N2O capsules of 8g each.
Box with 15 N2O capsules of 8g each.
Ref. CL-N2O-8G-BOX
Carton with 16 boxes.

N2O capsules of 8g