What's the reference

Cryosurgery is the reference standard for skin lesion treatment in dermatology practice. With its very practical profile Freezpen has facilitated the development of this technique to a much wider audience of medical and aesthetic professionals.

Compact & practical Pen-design

As the accuracy, the logistics and the difficulties for storage with liquid nitrogen is a problem for most specialists facing skin lesion treatment, the very compact & practical Freezpen with its concept of disposable cartridges will show to be an innovative and very affordable solution.

Optimal safety, no maintenance and no side effects are the features. It uses the direct application of nitrous oxide at -89°C and requires between 3 and 40 secondes of treatment to deliver very effective result up to a maximum depth of 5mm.

Cost Effective Solution

Freezpen not only has very affordable cartridges, but will counter all competition with dedicated sterilisable applicators, of which 2 now always come as a standard.

Freezpen is a winning concept all together

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Freezpen with 8g cartridges

Freezpen with 16g cartridges

Freezpen with 16g cartridges

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