New treatment standards start here.



Forged from the widespread acceptance that cryotherapy is the benchmark treatment for all skin lesions.



Freezpen provides a practical and easy to use instrument, that is cost effective and treats in seconds.



Specifically designed primarily for general practitioner, dermatology and cosmetic applications, it is the optimal solution for treating warts, condyloma, hemangiomas, skin tags, keratoses and all other benign skin disorders.


A no stress treatment

A no stress treatment. Freezpen’s high precision limits damage to healthy skin, minimizing discomfort to patients.


Excellent result

Effective result achieved from first treatment, with Freezpen’s high pressure achieving deeper penetration.

“Our clients love it, and so do we. We recouped our initial invest in just 30 days!”

Clinic6 understood the need for opening new ways to improve the quality of healthcare delivery through its continous dialogue with physicians to translate customer demands and market trends.

Freezpen users

Worldwide our Freezpen users are situated amongst GP’s (family doctors), dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists & urologists (both for genital warts), podiatrists, pediatricians, veterinarians, skincare professional,  aestheticians and esthetics practitioners. 

With Freezpen all these specialists now can treat skin lesions themselves and have the benefit of more service to patients and the revenue that comes from that. 

Cost Effective Solution

With low priced small cryogen cartridges.
Nothing more easy !

Practical Pen-design

Optimal safety, no maintenance, no side effects. It uses the direct application temperature of nitrous oxide at -89°C. Treatment time relates to the size of the lesion and the applicator used and varies between 3 and 40 seconds.

2 Freezpen selections

8g Freezpen orients towards aesthetic clinics, GP’s/family doctors, pediatricians and plastic surgeons, eye tumors in veterinary clinics and more…

16g Freezpen contributes to a better quality of treatment through dermatologists, urologists & gynecologists (both genital warts), podiatrists, veterinarians and more…

Freezpen with 8g cartridges

The delicate 8g selection with blue and white applicators will mainly address to aesthetic clinics,  GP’s (family doctors), pediatricians, plastic surgeons and veterinarians (lesions around the eyes) and more…



Freezpen with 16g cartridges

The more powerful 16g selection with white and green applicators will provide additional service to dermatologists, urologists & gynecologists (both for genital warts), podiatrists, veterinarians and more…